Have you made changes since "How to grill a steak and beat fiat food"?

  • Have you made changes since "How to grill a steak and beat fiat food"?

    Posted by Chris on December 5, 2020 at 09:51

    For anyone who missed it, see/listen here: https://academy.saifedean.com/podcast/how-to-grill-a-steak-and-beat-fiat-food-oct-8-2020/ and here https://academy.saifedean.com/meat/

    I’ve always been a meat eater, but didn’t realize how important it was until after Saif’s podcast and subsequent comments and discussions on other episodes, Twitter, etc. Anyway, I figured I’d post here to give a little bump, and thanks, to Saif for meat-pilling me.

    As far as the changes I’ve made, they’re only incremental: eat more steak, better quality steak (grass fed entire life of animal), more bone broth, and baby steps toward more organ meats. I’ve also stepped up my vigilance against sugar (already was vigilant) and vegetable oils. What about you?

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  • Peter

    December 6, 2020 at 07:57

    I’ve increased my uptake of steak in recent weeks as well.

    Here is a practical tip…

    The problem I sometimes have with thick cuts of steak is that there’s a tradeoff between them being too rare in the middle and too charred on the outside.

    A good way to overcome this is to use a hot oven which tends to dissipate the heat more evenly throughout the meat.

    For thick cuts my default way of cooking is to use a combination of hob and oven. This ensures the steak has a good amount of crispiness on the outside, but isn’t too rare on the inside.

    The procedure is:

    1. Pre-heat your oven to its maximum temperature (the hotter the better)

    2. Turn up the hob on the top of the oven to high heat and place a baking tray on top of the hob until its piping hot.

    3. Handling the baking tray with an oven glove, place the steak in the tray at the hottest point above the hob and sear it for a couple of minutes on both sides, handling with tongs. This gives the steak a crispiness that you tend to lack if you use the oven only. No need to add any oil or season, other than with salt. If the steak is very lean you may want to add a bit of tallow.

    4. Place the steak on the baking tray in the piping hot oven and cook for 2-3 minutes. This dissipates the heat and gives the steak’s inside a nice pink (rather than red) colour.

    5. Leave to stand for 5-10 minutes before serving.

  • Ken

    December 6, 2020 at 21:01

    The term hob is new to me. It is the same as a stove or a cook top, right?

  • Albert

    December 30, 2020 at 17:10

    Wow, I subscribed for the Austrian Economics and got a bonus. Am 71, Carnivore (with a salad at night) for two years. Am concerned about the processed plant food that is being foisted off as “healthy.” The Standard American Diet (SAD) has pushed metabolic disorders to unreal levels. I’ve monitored my blood results the entire time and gotten 2 heart scans (CAC — Coronary Artery Calcification). My Cholesterol is “high” but, since LDL is an essential part of brain function, I’m hoping I remain alert and mentally sharp for the next 25 years.

  • Victoria

    October 17, 2021 at 17:12

    I am interested in this topic and the idea of eating more red meat. I certainly would not be opposed to putting it into practice. But I like vegetables and salad too.

    I’d like to learn more about other indigenous people’s diets before their contact with early Europeans.

    Is it not fair to say that inuits studied by Price could NOT have grown plants for consumption because of the climate; therefore, they were carnivores because they didn’t have a choice?

    I do understand Saif’s point about the apparent benefits of carnivory but what if our diets did consist of plant food that is not industrialized?

    What about native Caribbean tribes and native North American tribes prior to European invasion and colonization? Their climates were more favorable to agriculture and their diets consisted of plants and animals.

    It would not have been possible for Price to compare inuit tribes that had not had contact with Europeans against native Caribbean and North American tribes as part of his research because they no longer existed in the same form as they did pre-colonization.

    Is anyone familiar with research done on the original North American and Caribbean indigenous diets?

    Thank you in advance.

    • Camilo Jdl

      September 25, 2023 at 20:22

      Shannahan says some plants are good.
      But all I can think about is that there´s huge evidence of Carnivorism being healthy.
      So why would someone add anything else to it?

      Also, Peterson and her daughter allegedly are still alive thanks to eating only beef.
      I´ve never heard of a similar medical story from someone eating only one plant.

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