7. How to grill a steak and beat fiat food

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After five years of eating nothing but meat, Saifedean explains everything he learned about how to grill a steak, and why to grill it. Being well-nourished with meat is the best way to avoid getting addicted to highly-addictive processed junk. In this week’s seminar, Saifedean discusses the most important things he learned about sourcing and preparing meat to stay healthy, as well as some of the most relevant readings that have shaped his thinking on this topic, and the connection between fiat money and fiat food.

  • Diagnosis-Diet: Dr. Georgia Ede’s website with some eye-opening articles on the benefits of meat and the dangers of plant-foods.

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Visit academy.saifedean.com/meat to find out more about Saifedean’s experience following the carnivore diet.