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  • primary energy source

    Posted by tony on April 30, 2024 at 20:50


    so the body seems to like glucose as fuel. If you turn to keto or similar diets the body switches to fat.

    But I have yet to hear a satisfying explanation as to how the metabolism really works on carnivore.

    I know it’s possible to do a high fat carnivore and get into ketosis, but I do carnivore mainly because it’s so easy and nice NOT to have to count macros etc. So if I just eat meat and eggs mainly I get way too much protein to go into ketosis. I know the body can convert protein to glucose in gluconeogenesis, but from what I understand it’s really hard for the body to utilize protein as a direct source of energy.

    So please, fill me in! What does happen in the body with all this excess protein, and not really the sufficient amount of fat for energy? Ive heard Thomas DeLauer call this “metabolic purgatory” 🙂

    I mean, I feel mostly really good and energetic, so SOMETHING is happening – but how does it work?

    Also, I expected to feel more potent after 6 months on carnivore. I haven’t done any blood work, but I feel like my testosteron hasnt moved at all. I feel less horny than I did before. Not really interested in sex at all, which is a surprise! Anyone else that can relate to this?

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