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  • Ch 4 crits and remarks

    Posted by Gerald on January 24, 2021 at 12:13

    I’m enjoying this book. It fills many gaps in my understanding.

    1) The graph in chapter 4 needs a title on the y-axis. Not to be pedantic, but graphs always need scales (god help the scaleless graph) and those scales must be labeled. Because the graph must always be interpretable when taken out of context. If your graph is presented in a derivative work (with proper referencing), it will have little value if one doesn’t know what it means. More importantly, when I first saw the graph in context I was still briefly confused about it’s meaning.

    2) The introduction and explanation of Saylor’s inflation vector is both excellent and helpful.

    3) Saylor’s insight, that inflation also shows up in financial investments — I understand how inflation kills bonds, but other investments like stocks don’t have this weakness, I think. Certainly, gold investments do not.

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