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    Posted by Pat on March 30, 2023 at 18:54

    I subscribed for a month for my birthday. I had a great time and learned a lot. I worked through the entire FIAT Standard course. Learned so much. Thanks Saif!

    In one of the seminar discussions Saif was pressed on the question of credit and how would that exist in a bitcoin standard world. I’ll never forget Saif’s response because it blew my mind. Yes, there may be a small credit ecosystem but everybody will have so much wealth and capital that the credit system will be much less. He mentioned that everybody will have so much capital (I believe he used a comparison that a SERF would have about 10 million dollars of today’s money) that earning BTC will be enough. BTC will be enough for all wage earners. This is just incredible to me.

    What this means in my mind is that Bitcoin will be so powerful and will let the free market system to really display its true power. The free market will enrich all of us so much under a bitcoin standard that what we think of as rich TODAY will be what a commoner will be under a free market bitcoin world. This gives me so much hope and happiness. I’ll probably always have my fiat mining job, but I will always be pushing for BTC adoption because it makes this world SUCH a better place. It’s the movement and renaissance of my lifetime. There is nothing else that gets me excited as this idea.

    I’m so happy and grateful to Saifedean that I just wanted to write this.

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