Reply To: Additional Foods and Beverages for Carnivores

  • ferenc

    May 31, 2023 at 18:16


    i source green beans from copan trade in texas. i roast it myself, half pound at a time in a popcorn maker – generally light/medium roast- never dark unless i make a mistake. dark roast is like well done steak. rare is best (medium rare on occassion). everyday i have at least two cups with grassfed ghee, mct oil, cacao, shijalit. there are variations generally throughout the year. sometimes i’ll have three. rarely do i drink the coffee ‘naked’, but i will on occassion to truly enjoy the essence of this miracle food/bevearage.


    grassfed ghee daily (sourced from pure indian foods in new jersey if i don’t make it myself). i am fortunate to have good milk here in ohio. hartzler farms and snowille creamery are exceptional. i drink half and half, or whipping cream from snowville. rarely if ever whole milk. 2% and skim? come on, i am not a mental retard. yoghurt from snowville (whole milk plain and yes i treat myself to their vanilla – talk about a sugar rush). kefir – as often as i can whenever i can. if i purchase from store, always whole milk kind. yoghurt and kefir, i generally try to make myself if i can… i get my kefir grains from the goat lady (just google her – check that, don’t use google – use duck duck go or something else…)


    one of the few plant foods i consume, and perhaps even worship. when i am in central/south america i always make a point to get it directly… whole beans, cacao ceremonies, etc. here in the states, i make do as best as i can, and generally settle for inferior powders, but still feel as if though i receive benefits.

    green/black tea:

    when i owned my coffeeshop i imbibed a bit more, would have regular tea ceremonies. a wonderful and mystical beverage enjoyed in solitude or with one or two other high vibration human(s). samovar tea lounge in san francisco was my main source (importer).