Reply To: Additional Foods and Beverages for Carnivores

  • Alberto

    May 29, 2023 at 17:40

    One thing I’ve noticed is that eating/cheating with carbs makes me feel worse than when I’m doing pure carnivore. So, I can have 1/2-1 teaspoon of sugar in my espresso, and it I do my hour long walk/hike after, it causes no noticeable change. Other than triggering the desire fore more sugar/sweets/carbs. However the other night, we found a local source for raw milk, and cheated by eating snickerdoodle cookies and large glass of the raw milk. It was delicious, but I can now feel I’m no longer in keto, and just feel sort of crappy.

    Also, alcohol has a much more negative effect when I’m on the carnivore diet. It wrecks my sleep, gives me a bad headache, and I feel like crap for an entire day afterwards. I’d describe myself as mostly a social drinker. I love a 1-2 hr “Happy Hour” to socialize before dinner. I’m going on a houseboat cruise with 20 people tomorrow for a week. That’ll involve drinking, eating carbs, etc. I’ll get back on carnivore after that.