Reply To: Additional Foods and Beverages for Carnivores

  • Alberto

    May 24, 2023 at 22:36

    I drink only espresso. I mix organic coconut oil & mct oil about 60/40 and put 1-2 tablespoons in a cup. My first cup is a lungo. I have both nespresso & lavazza and use the former 90%. I use costco shredded jack cheese in scrambled eggs. I will also use swiss when having a ham & cheese omelette. Pepper jack on burgers. I also buy 40%-50% fat ground beef by asking the butcher to make it. I brown that with taco seasoning and have it with many breakfasts. The dumb reply format of this site doesn’t let me see your original post, so I won’t if I’ve skipped answering anything till I post this.

    Oh I should also add that although I try to be strictly carnivore, I fail and eat certain carbs once or twice a week. Ex: flour tortillas for breakfast burritos. Bagels once a month. Buns with burgers, etc.

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