Reply To: Have you made changes since "How to grill a steak and beat fiat food"?

  • Victoria

    October 17, 2021 at 17:12

    I am interested in this topic and the idea of eating more red meat. I certainly would not be opposed to putting it into practice. But I like vegetables and salad too.

    I’d like to learn more about other indigenous people’s diets before their contact with early Europeans.

    Is it not fair to say that inuits studied by Price could NOT have grown plants for consumption because of the climate; therefore, they were carnivores because they didn’t have a choice?

    I do understand Saif’s point about the apparent benefits of carnivory but what if our diets did consist of plant food that is not industrialized?

    What about native Caribbean tribes and native North American tribes prior to European invasion and colonization? Their climates were more favorable to agriculture and their diets consisted of plants and animals.

    It would not have been possible for Price to compare inuit tribes that had not had contact with Europeans against native Caribbean and North American tribes as part of his research because they no longer existed in the same form as they did pre-colonization.

    Is anyone familiar with research done on the original North American and Caribbean indigenous diets?

    Thank you in advance.