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  • RJS

    February 28, 2021 at 19:43

    The answer is “no” – gov’t can not stop Bitcoin. But they can ban, outlaw it, over-regulate it. So, people conflate “stop” or “control” of Bitcoin by gov’ts with outlaw, ban, over-regulate – and there is a difference. During prohibition, alcohol was outlawed by US Gov’t and people were arrested and imprisoned for using/selling it – but that did not stop alcohol from being widely used – it just went “underground” and went behind closed doors. People wanted it and eventually, the laws were changed to make it legal again.

    I know gov’t banning of Bitcoin is a legitimate concern by many people – Said and his guests have plenty to say about it – better than me. But I think in America it looks like Bitcoin will become a regulated, mainstream asset and that is exactly what we want, as Michael Saylor has already explained very well. IMO – buy Bitcoin as much as you can and HODL !!