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  • Gerald

    February 5, 2021 at 12:46

    That video is absolutely awesome! Wish I knew Portuguese, but the meaning is clear.

    And I don’t disagree with the message, but you are kind of evading my point. I said that minimum wage may not be the best solution, clearly it has drawbacks, but that doesn’t change the negative effects of power imbalance in the employer / employee relationship. It isn’t enough to simply provide an argument for why minimum wage is bad, because some of the effects of minimum wage are good.

    I am shooting for a deeper conversation. About economic policies and unfairness that is inherent in the system.

    Also, I believe you are ignoring my example about sexual harassment. I don’t think you are condoning sexual harassment for the betterment of society. Somewhere, there must be a line between acceptable and unacceptable abuses of power imbalance. Is total neglect of employer abuse of power really the best solution?

    Thanks for engaging. That video makes a good point and is so cool!