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  • Ken

    December 6, 2020 at 20:45

    Wow, that is a great set of questions. Please post his response if you receive one.

    I really liked your question during the seminar/podcast. You asked about his reaction to the fact that temperature data in recent years seems to be supporting the Hanson model. His response was long winded, much of which did not directly relate to your question, but in the end he said that he does not have a problem with the moderate models because we can live with the result. Later on he estimates that there will be 30″ of sea level rise. However, the estimate for the number of people displaced by that level of sea rise is 230M. So that is a real human cost. There will also be substantial economic costs. I wish he would tell us the benefits that we can expect to offset these costs and why we won’t receive those same benefits by switching to cleaner energy technologies for which we may not be forced to pay costs associated with climate change.