ECO31: Hard Questions on Hard Money

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This course covers the seven research papers written by Dr. Ammous since the publication of The Bitcoin Standard. You can download the seven papers for this course in pdf, epub, and mobi formats from this link.

The material of these papers applies the framework and concepts introduced in The Bitcoin Standard to analyze broader and more complex economic questions. Students will be expected to have read The Bitcoin Standard as a prerequisite for taking this course.

The material of this course is new and part of on-going research projects. The exact schedule of topics over this semester is not determined in this syllabus and will be determined as we go along.

Futher readings are also likely to be added during the course.

Lectures are delivered live, but can be accessed online at any time until the course ends. Students can ask questions and vote on which questions they would like to see addressed at the end of the lecture.

For accessing the course material on the old (legacy) website, please click here. The password you got with your purchase still applies.


Course Content

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Bitcoin, Central Banking and Fractional Reserve Banking
Bitcoin Monetization Scenarios
Bitcoin Mining: Energy and Security
Fiat Money and Fiat Foot: When Ludwig von Mises Met Weston Price
How to Really Kill Bitcoin
Bitcoin and the Developing World
The Bitcoin Standard as a Scaling Solution
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Course Includes

  • 10 Lessons
  • 44 Topics