ECO12: Principles of Economics II

This is the second Principles of Economics course offered on, building on ECO11: Principles of Economics I.

It is recommended that students study ECO11 before ECO12. You can find the full syllabus for ECO12 here.

This course is taught through ten lectures and discussion sessions, lasting 1 hour each. Purchasing the course provides access to all these lectures and seminars, in audio and video format, as well as detailed class notes.

Course Content

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Economic Calculation

Emergent Order: The product of human action, not design
Time Preference
Interest Rates
Credit and Banking
Business Cycle Theory
Business Cycle Theory 2
Security and Defense
Intellectual Property
Bitcoin and Austrian Economics
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Course Includes

  • 20 Lessons
  • 42 Topics
  • 2 Quizzes