Principles of Economics

Principles of Economics

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Principles of Economics Cover

Principles of Economics is an introductory university-level textbook in economics. Based on the Principles of economics courses available on, this book is a clear and concise exploration of the most important economic concepts in economics.

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Table of Contents

part i: fundamentals

1. value

2. human action

3. time

part ii: economy

4. labor

5. property

6. capital

7. technology

8. energy

9. trade

10. money

part iii: the market order

11. markets

12. capitalism

13. spontaneous order

14. self-ownership, natural law and civilization

part iv: political economy

15. violence

16. central economic planning

17. security and defense

part v: monetary economics

18. time preference

19. money as a market good

20. banking and credit

21. interest rates

22. business cycles

23. money in a free market