5. Michael Saylor & Microstrategy adopt The Bitcoin Standard

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We host Michael Saylor, CEO of Microstrategy, the publicly traded company that announced it was making bitcoin its primary treasure reserve asset, and purchasing 38,250 BTC (~$425m). Saylor explains how this was a deliberate decision to put the company on a bitcoin standard.

Inflation tiers according to Michael, by annual change in prices:

<0%: technology, information, anything that can be dematerialized digitally, capital-intensive goods, goods with high fixed cost of production and low marginal costs.

0 to 2%: Unskilled labor, non-premium land and property, labor-intensive goods

6-8%: High quality education, medical care, property, naturally scarce goods.

8-24%: Debt, equity, prime, luxury property, and elite products.

+25%: Bitcoin

Thanks to Stephen Chow for creating a transcript of the conversation, you can find the original on Medium and here on academy.saifedean.com.